10 Natural Makeup Removers for 2022

Before I quit couponing, I used to load up on make-up remover cushions by Almay. They were expensive, yet I have touchy skin and they were the main kind that didn't make my skin break out

I kept up this daily schedule until I learned I may as of now have a characteristic cosmetics remover in the kitchen

Pause – so you're letting me know I DON'T need to spend additional cash on extraordinary

items to eliminate my make-up? Include me

Strangely, this epiphany happened just before I started writing my hold-your-hand book to living a more natural and non-toxic life, Kinda Crunchy. Since I was researching products for the book, I went ahead and researched the ingredients that were in the make-up remover I had been using for so long as well.

According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), the Almay Oil Free Eye Make-up Remover scored an overall 2, a “green light” rating according to their standards.

That’s definitely not a bad score in general, but the data on the individual ingredients catches my attention.

1 of the ingredients is rated a 4

2 of the ingredients are rated a 5

of the 9 ingredients given a 1 rating, 4 of them are rated based on limited or no research data

the ingredient listed with the most concerns is the second ingredient listed on the label (with water being the first)

“high” concerns listed by the EWG include irritation (skin, eyes or lungs), persistence and bio-accumulation

Um, should we be concerned about using something ON our eyes and skin that is known to be cause irritation TO our eyes and skin?

Those who use make-up remover are likely wearing make-up on a daily basis, which means the persistence and bio-accumulation issues should be a concern too. (In plain English, that means chemicals are going into your body faster than your body can get rid of them.)

Now, in the grand scheme of things, this is probably not the worst make-up remover on the market. And it’s likely not the worst offender in your bathroom either (which is one of the reasons why I didn’t include it in my book on natural living for beginners).

In the event that you seldom at any point go through make remover, I recommend a change that will greaterly a
ffect you. Perhaps that is endeavoring custom made toothpaste or a group of hand crafted citronella candles all things being equal. 

Simultaneously however, in the event that we can dump superfluous synthetic compounds – regardless of how enormous or little – and supplant them with something similarly as compelling and HEALTHY and very possible currently in our homes, why not try it out?

Clearly, the most regular cosmetics remover is the cleanser you use to clean up. 

I utilize an exceptionally delicate goat milk cleanser that has done WONDERS for my skin inflammation inclined skin. I shared my skin story previously, and in case you're on the lookout for another normal cleanser, I can't sing enough acclaims. Assuming you've effectively got a cleanser that works for you, fight the good fight! 

The not really clear about eliminating make-up is that occasionally cleaning up isn't sufficient. 

Waterproof mascara? Smokey eye-search for a hot date? Going glitz on a young ladies night out? 

I hear you. I actually see your make-up come Sunday morning. 

We should deal with that, will we? 

These regular cosmetics removers are basically only one single fixing. I have every one of them simply because I've fiddled with a bunch of DIYs and instructional exercises. You probably won't have every one of them, and that is OK! 

Yet, there IS acceptable possibility you have somewhere around one of them, and that implies NOT spending more cash on unique make-up remover and attempting to utilize what you as of now have all things considered. 

Utilize whatever strategy you have supplies for the present moment. On the off chance that it doesn't work for you – or then again on the off chance that you have a response or sensitivities to a portion of the fixings – then, at that point, give careful consideration to attempt another in half a month. 

Fortunately every fixing underneath can be utilized in something different. You're not squandering your cash on something you can just utilize once, crossing your fingers trusting it works. Even better, you're SAVING cash since you presently don't have to purchase synthetic make-up remover!



Coconut oil is a solid fat that I use frequently for cooking, however I additionally use it as a transporter oil for fundamental oils, a straightforward lotion when I run out of natively constructed colored lotion OR when I'm encountering a serious skin inflammation breakout. 

Since I keep a container of coconut oil in my washroom (either in a little 5 gram pot container or in an airtight squeezable silicone tube), it's not difficult to open it up and swipe some onto my eyes for a characteristic cosmetics remover before bed. 

I ordinarily purchase my coconut oil from either Tropical Traditions (when they have a deal and free delivery) or from Amazon, or from Costco.


Sweet almond oil might not be as common as coconut oil, but you likely have it on hand if you make homemade shaving cream or homemade bug repellent. It’s super gentle and light on the skin, and doesn’t have much of a scent either.

I use my fingers to apply coconut oil, but it might be easier to use a cotton ball to use sweet almond oil.

You can likely find sweet almond oil locally, either at a health food store like Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s. You could even try a bigger box-store like Walmart or Target. If you can’t find it locally, you can get it on Amazon.


Jojoba oil is like sweet almond oil’s unpopular little sister, but it shouldn’t be! It has natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties AND you already have it if you’re making homemade shampoo bars.

I haven’t looked for jojoba oil recently, but the bottle I have is from Whole Foods. Make a pass through the health aisle the next time you’re at your favorite grocery and see if they have it. If all else fails, hail the awesome Amazon.


The kitchen pantry is getting quite the workout in the bathroom, dontcha think?

Olive oil has long been known to be a key player in the natural beauty routine. It makes an appearance in my hand-healing lotion, as well as in a detoxifying salt scrub and is likely the most affordable of the single-oil options.

Use these tips for buying olive oil if you’re running low, otherwise use what you have!


Another fixing wonder, shea spread is accounted for to have the option to take off even the most obstinate eye make-up. It's strong at room temperature, so I'd recommend scouring a pea-evaluated sum between your fingers to warm it prior to applying. 

In the event that you make salves or cremes at home, you probably as of now have shea spread. I haven't seen it at any nearby stores, however again Amazon has it at a reasonable cost. 


Albeit all the more regularly utilized as an additive in excellence Diy's, witch hazel is a characteristic cosmetics remover as well! Witch hazel is somewhat more slender than the oils referenced above, so I would suggest utilizing a cotton ball or a cotton round/square for this strategy. 

Witch hazel is genuinely normal, so actually look at your neighborhood stores first. Despite the fact that you should attempt to get a liquor free witch hazel assuming there is any chance of this happening so it doesn't dry out your skin OR consume your eyes. 


Alright, so I lied when I said ALL of the strategies were single fixing, however since this strategy is basically a mix of the fixings above (in addition to water), I'm allowing it to slide. 

This "formula" is basically 2 tablespoons of every fixing estimated together into a little travel bottle. Oil and water in fact don't blend, so you'll need to shake it a long time prior to utilizing each time. 

This technique will likewise be on the more slender side, so once more, go after a cotton ball or a cotton round/square.


If you’re going to travel with any of these ingredients, you MUST invest in a leak-proof container.

The 3 oz plastic travel bottles pass TSA inspection, but they’re not leak-proof and you could ruin whatever is in your carry-on bag. Kind of like the time my bottle of apple cider vinegar spilled while traveling to Costa Rica. (Thankfully I had the foresight to pack it in a gallon plastic bag first, but still – everything else in the bag stunk like vinegar!)

I can also attest that the small 5 gram pot jars – although super cute and functional at home – aren’t leak proof. (Ah yes, it was a messy suitcase indeed!).

I highly HIGHLY recommend using a leak-proof squeezable silicone tube when you’re traveling. They’ve proven themselves trip and trip again and I absolutely won’t travel with any other type of bottle!

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